HMP YOI Moorland (Closed)
Bawtry Road
Hatfield Woodhouse



Tuesday 13:40 – 15:45

Wednesday 13:40 – 15:45

Thursday 13:40 – 15:45

Saturday 13:40 – 15:45

Sunday 13:40 – 15:45

The prisoner receives a reference number to book the visits, which then can either be booked via the booking phone number 01302 523289. The booking lines are open between 09:30 – 15:30 Tuesday to Friday, no telephone booking taken at the weekend, or it can be booked via email

A taxi from the station to the prison can vary greatly…from £11 to £17 so it’s worth checking, also seeing if you can share with someone.

There is plenty of parking outside the visiting centre with 3 disabled parking spaces

A bus does go into the prison grounds approx 13.30. But that time, though, the visits waiting room is really busy as people start to arrive at 12.00. The visits centre officially opens at 12.30 but if the staff are ready, they do open the doors from 12.00 onwards.

There is a large display of useful information including Shelter with advice on housing on release. There is also a suggestion box which visitors are encouraged to use.

You can take £10 per person into the visit, in coins only. There is a snack bar to buy food and drinks while you wait before the visits.

Baby milk is not allowed and has to be prepared once the visit has commenced.

The prison do provide buggies for babies and small children, which most parents find very useful

At 13.40 the first visitors are called to the desk, hands are stamped and VOs issued. The system with photos etc has been broken for quite a while, but that would replace the stamps.

Before the search, all visitors have to take off their coats, belts and watches. Passive drugs dogs are used. Do not tell them to sit!

Enhanced prisoners are allowed to sit in the conservatory.

New visitors to the prison receive a leaflet explaining how the system works, how to send in money etc., and someone does check that you are ok and understand the rules.

It does seem to take quite a while to exit the visit and return to the visits centre, but the staff are very helpful