HMP Haverigg
North Lane
LA18 4NA



Monday to Sunday 13:45 – 15:45 

All visits MUST be pre-booked at least 24hrs in advance.
The booking line telephone no is 01229 713016.
The booking line is open weekdays 13.00 to 16.00

On your first visit you will require Photo ID and proof of address. Subsequent visits ID will be required for every visit.  

The Visits Centre is open 12.00 to 16.30 each day. 

The staff are really helpful and friendly. Snacks, tea, coffee and soft drinks are available. 

The prison is really remote, but lots of spaces to park. The journey by train is via Carlisle Station and there is level access onto the Carlisle platform from the supermarket or by steps from main road bridge. There are no facilities at Millom Station, which is the nearest station to the prison, the station itself is a craft centre.

The nearest railway station is about 1.5 miles away so a bus or taxi must be taken to complete the journey. There are 4 disabled parking places in front of the prison. You will need to check about the trains if you are going on a Sunday, as the service is limited. 

The journey by road from Merseyside, Greater Manchester and Carlisle is about 2 hours. 

Haverigg has its own newspaper with all the news, awards and events that have happened in the prison. The Inside Time and The Converse Newspaper are always available too. 

Before the visit starts, visitors are called into a small room. There you have to write down details of your vehicle, along with your name and the prisoner being visited. A blue wrist band is then issued that has to be worn at all times.

You are allowed to take in a maximum of £10 to the visits room in coins only; this is so you can buy the goodies on offer. There is a supervised play area run by local volunteers. 

You have to walk through the prison grounds to reach the search area. The prisoners are usually waiting while the searches take place. If for some reason, the prisoner isn’t seated, you have to wait in the search area until he has arrived. 

The food is really good with plenty of choice, big burgers with onions u0026amp; mushrooms and lots more. There are always very tempting cakes on offer. You order the hot food, and then you are shouted to collect from the table number. It’s very quick and very good value. 

You are not allowed to hand in any money or any other items on the visit. The inmate is allowed to hand items out, but of course they may be subject to being searched. 

The place as mentioned is very remote, and can often get cut off in the winter. I remember well a number of occasions, when I used to live in Millom, putting up visitors who got stranded because of the snow. But there are a number of Hotels, guest houses and B u0026amp; B’s in Millom.