HMP Everthorpe
1A Beck Road

East Yorkshire
HU15 1RB


 Visiting times


Monday 14:15 -16:15

Thursday 14:15 – 16:15


Friday 14:15 – 16:15


Saturday 14:00 – 16:00


You must book in at least 24 hours in advance. The booking line 01430 426505 opens every evening except Saturday 17:30 to 20:00 or you can email your visit request to


Visits Centre opens Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 12.30 and 09:00 for the Sunday morning visit.


You can park in the prison car park and there are 6 disabled parking spaces.


When you book in you are given a locker key with a colour and number on it, this is also the table you will sit at, and so after you have been past the drugs dog you go into the visits hall and find your table. Tables are fixed seating, with 3 seats one side for visitors and one seat opposite for the prisoner. Have to say they are not very comfy at all! Remember the drugs dogs are usually passive dogs; do not tell them to sit, just let them sniff you and go onto the next visitor.


You are called through in blocks of 5, once you are called through, you put your stuff away in the locker provided (no charge for lockers) then go through to the search. When you book in your hand will also be stamped with ultraviolet ink, and they usually check it on the way in and on the way out! Once searched, you wait again, and then you are taken over in groups of around 10. It’s a short walk across the yard from the visits centre to the visits hall. On arrival at the visits hall, there is usually the drug sniffer dog, and you then go through in 2’s.


There is a little shop that sells snacks, such as sausage rolls, sandwiches, pot noodles, cakes, sweets, crisps, fruit etc. plus hot and cold drinks. You are allowed to take in £10 per visitor and £10 for your prisoner. On a Sunday morning you can get bacon and sausage barm cakes. Your prisoner is not allowed to take any food or drink back with him regardless of whether it’s been opened or not.


There are a few toys for children to play with. Supervised play area at the weekend, but otherwise unsupervised.


About 5 minutes towards the end of the visit they will tell you to start finishing your visit off. You are allowed to hug and kiss your prisoner. You leave the visits hall first, and are taken back to the visits centre to collect your things. Remember to leave your locker key at the desk!


Pink VO’s are for weekdays only


Blue and yellow VO’s can be used anytime.


You are not allowed to hand in any money or any other items