Talking Bars

We are completely revamping our Talking Bars website.

There is a lot of talent in our prisons, people who are able to write poems, short stores and draw pictures. We hope to be able to put a lot of these onto Talking Bars. If you know of anyone who is gifted in this way, why not ask them to send you their poem, short story or drawing and we will put it up on Talking Bars

We ask though that it be on A4 paper. Also please remember that we do have to read it! Also we would prefer original work, but if it is copied from somewhere, then please we must have the source of where it came from. Otherwise the copyright police will jump on us from a great height!

So get talking to your inmate and ask them to send them into us. We are also looking at publishing some of these poems, short stories and drawings, in a book, part of the proceeds will go towards the running of BTG, but the rest will be used for charitable purposes after discussion with the authors of the items.

We will acknowledge all authors of the items supplied, but to save any embarrassment we will only use first name and an initial. But we will need to know their full name address and prison number, so that we can talk to them about where any proceeds go should their work be chosen for publication.