G4S takes over management of HMP Birmingham

 by Enda Mullen, Birmingham PostOct 4 2011 

HMP Birmingham has become the first prison in the country to transfer to transfer from the public sector to control by a private security company. 

The transfer of the operation and management of the prison was completed on Saturday, as G4S assumed control of the Winson Green prison after a six-month transition process. 

The Category B prison, which accommodates  1,450 male prisoners, is now managed by G4S Care and Justice Services, making it the fifth prison to be operated by the company in the UK. 

The decision to transfer HMP Birmingham to a private operator was announced by the Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke in March. 

Jerry Petherick, managing director of custody and detention Services at G4S, said: “We would like to pay tribute to the staff at HMP Birmingham, who have been extremely positive and accommodating during what must have been a challenging time for them. 

“We have recognised the anxiety that employees must have been feeling about their future, and we have worked hard to keep them informed of all the changes that will be affecting them. 

“But their cooperation and support, combined with a very positive relationship with unions such as the POA, has ensured a smooth transition process. 

“We are delighted that so many of the staff have chosen to join us on the journey ahead and we look forward to working together as we aim to meet our ambition of making HMP Birmingham one of the flagship prisons in the UK”. 

The new governor or ‘director’ is Pete Small, formerly Governor of HMP Stafford. 

G4S takes over managment of HMP Birmingham as first prison transfers from public sector