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Here are some handy guidelines for writing to a prisoner penpal:


· Use a post office box, your church address or if in the UK, the BTG office address.
· Write at least twice a month if possible.
· Be a good listener and give hope.
· Be aware that prisoners may have emotional ups and downs. You may be able to provide some emotional stability.
· Be aware of con games.
· Be prepared for some romantic overtures.
· Check prison regulations before sending any gifts, books, magazines, etc.


· Give legal advice or counsel regarding a prisoner's case.
· Send money for financial support or legal fees; don't sign or co-sign loans, or process money orders.
· Ask why a prisoner is in prison.
· Provide other names and addresses for your prisoner penpal to write to.
· Give out your telephone number or agree to receive collect calls.
· Send photos, except for group shots.

We do also have a handy FAQ page, which is worth a look at and will answer many of your questions. If there are questions not answered please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.